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Reviews: Basic Computer Use

∙ Thank you for sharing your time, energy and expertise with our students. Your handouts and explanations were very helpful in lifting the confidence of timid computer users. ∙  It is a challenge to instruct students with such a great variance of skill level, but you were very patient and I am sure that each student came away with new knowledge that will make their use of their computer easier.

Reviews: Introduction to Windows XP

∙ Daphne has the patience of a saint! She really stood over each of us to be sure we were following the class. She was concise, clear and organized. ∙ Our teacher is very good at helping each person individually. She really cares that each one understands. ∙ Outstanding instructor…she was able to bring this to a level that could be understood.

Reviews: Advanced Internet

∙ Great Class! Such a good instructor gives us each new knowledge and not too much at a time. ∙ I have learned so much more about using my computer. Using it now is so much fun. I am no longer afraid to try different sites. Thank You Ms Lee. ∙ Daphne is cheery and very helpful. She’ll stop to help you if you have a problem. Daphne knows her topic and I hope she’ll teach more classes.

Review: Excel

∙ I have never enjoyed a class as much and received so much valuable information…I look forward now to being able to set up my own excel spreadsheets.

Reviews: Managing Digital Photographs

∙ Daphne is outstanding and works so well with everyone. Her dynamic work ethic is beneficial since she gives everyone a one-on-one direction during her instruction. ∙ Instructor was knowledgeable of course material. Presentation was great. Answered all questions by all attendees ∙ Daphne is thorough, organized, pleasant and has the patience of a saint! No question was too dumb. She’s great!

Reviews: Windows XP

∙ I have learned more in this class than the last three computer classes combined. I feel so much more competent on the computer since taking this course with Ms. Lee. ∙ This was a great class. Daphne was very patient and encouraged class participation.